Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

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This tour’s destination is in a vast rain forest preserve measuring 250 hectares of protected land. This natural paradise consists of two miles of walking trails, crossing 15 bridges, 6 of them being hanging bridges. The spectacular design of these hanging bridges brings you closer to nature and gives you the option to walk the forest floor like a Jaguar, swing from the middle branches like a monkey or soar overhead like an Eagle.

One of our hanging bridges is called ‘The Waterfall Bridge’ and is over 60 meters high giving you an amazing view of a beautiful waterfall. In addition to each of our unique bridges, guests have the opportunity to learn abundance about the rain forest and see a variety of wildlife. During the tour, our experienced guides will provide interesting and educational information regarding the local botanical and animal life, geography and history and if you are lucky you may even catch some breath taking views of the Arenal Volcano.


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